Don't just watch a film... Feel it!
Experience the big screen like never before with stunning sounds, lighting and other surprising effects at our 4D Theatre.


'The House of Magic'

“The House of Magic 4D” chronicles the adventures of an abandoned young ginger cat named Thunder. Seeking protection from a furious dog and an approaching storm, our hero stumbles into the strangest house imaginable: a run-down Victorian-style mansion owned by an old magician and populated with a dazzling array of automatons, gizmos and performing animals.  “The House of Magic 4D” is an endearing family-friendly tale, filled with fun characters and non-stop action. Featuring eye-catching animation and an immersive 3D experience maximizing “in-your-face” effects, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the chaos, cheering on our adorable hero while seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

This is an optional extra, tickets are £1.50 per person- please ask for tickets on arrival. Show length: Approx. 15 mins

Regular shows throughout the day, but please arrive no later than 3.30pm (8.30pm on Thursdays) to catch the last show

See 4D visit guidance below


'Haunted House'

Showing Evenings October 24th to 31st, during our Halloween event (details TBC)

A 3D journey through a spooky haunted house with bone-rattling and spine- tingling effects!


'A Dream of Christmas'

Showing during our Christmas event (details TBC)

A 6-minute adventure taking you through Santa's Toy workshop, with special effects and magical music.

No additional charge, but on request - seats need to be booked on arrival.

(See 4D visit guidance below)


4D Theatre - Visit Guidance!

The 4D shows use flashing lights and some minor, but sudden/jerky, seat movement.You should not enter the theatre if you have any condition that may be affected by this show (such as Epilepsy; heart, back or neck problems; or during pregnancy)

The 4D Theatre is fun for most ages but the experience uses darkness and loud sound effects which may be unsuitable for some very young children.