What's NEW
The Model Village is constantly evolving, check out what's new!

What's New at Torquay's Model Village

New Models & display are added all the time, hee are some of the more major additions.....

NEW Evening Illuminations Experience 2021!

Coming August - We are working on a major revamp of our evening illuminations, with lots of new light effects illuminating the perimeter trees, surrounding you in a spectacle of enchanting colours.   We are also adding new lights and effects in amongst the models and displays, which will include miniature fire effects and other special effects for evening visits.

What came new in 2020

A model in the style of The Royal Crescent in Bath.


 If you haven't been for a while - here's what was added in recent years

Peek Inside House

ADDED MAY 2019 - Our newly developed peek inside house is now on display indoors and beautifully lit up. Come along, be a ‘nosey neighbour’ and see what the little folk are up to indoors, including one or two familiar faces. Be aware though – you may see more than you bargained for.


Wildflower Garden

ADDED MAY/JUNE 2019 - Our newly planted wildflower garden is taking shape and should start to grow and mature over the coming weeks. Framed by a fabulous new flower mural and complete with our own 'Air Bee n Bee' residence, all skillfully created by the team at the model village. The residence is only taking bookings for bees though, not humans!



 A great new CITY SCENE...

Our city was completely redesigned and rebuilt during 2018 and early 2019, with many new models, scenes and stunning illuminations.


Significant models/scenes added in recent years..

Along with many other changes and improvements, here's some of the more significant additions...

Wildflower Garden - developed and planted May/June 2019

NEW peek inside house - redeveloped and moved indoors - May 2019

New City - developed 2018-2019

Animated Lawn-Mowing 'Arry (our third talking resident) -  added April 2018

Animated Ice-Cream 'Arry (our second talking miniature resident) - added 2018

Fairytale Tree carving - added 2018

Village Canal & Narrow Boats - added 2017

House of Magic Model - added 2017

Celebrity Mansion - added 2016 (see below)

Paignton Zoo display (a whole display with several exhibits) - added 2015

Peek Inside, get-up-close house - added 2015

Alice in Wonderland themed mini golf - added 2015

West County Fishing Village (a whole scene with many models) - added 2014

Animated 'Arry - our first a talking animated miniature person - added 2014

Casstlebury Clinic Hospital - added 2014

Hot air balloons - added 2014

Big Top Circus - added 2013

Travel Lodge hotel - added  2013


Celebrity Mansion

 Our Celebrity Mansion hosts various miniature film & music events throughout the year.

Come and see who you can spot!