Frequently Asked Questions but feel free to ask your own.

Listed below are the questions we are asked most frequently. If you cannot find an answer for your question then please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

  • Postcode (for SatNav) and Parking?

    Our postcode is TQ1 3LA, however this will lead you to the Hampton Avenue side of the local authority car park which is no entry. Follow the brown traffic signs when you get very close.

    We do not have our own car park but adjacent to the Model Village there is a local authority owned pay & display car park that serves the area. Payment by card is possible at the machine nearest our entrance.

    We suggest allowing 2-3 hours for parking ( if you have any parking time left you might want to take a 5 minute walk to the Babbacombe Downs - the views are worth it). If necessary, you can pop out to top up during your visit, see a member of staff.

  • How does the FREE RETURN work?

    Our free return visit within 7 days

    How does it work? Before you leave, go into the gift shop and show your admission receipt to get a photo-pass. Everyone returning will need to be in the photo and you will be given a special photopass ticket (your original admission ticket will not enable you to return).

    How to use it? - Everyone in the photo-ticket can return once, for free, within 7 days (for example, if you get it on a Saturday, it is valid until the end of the following Saturday).  Many people use it to visit daytime, then come back during evening opening for illuminations, or the other way around.

    IMPORTANT: The free return is only valid for the person(s) in the photo, it is non-transferable under any circumstances.

    What if we don't get the photo pass?  Sorry, but you will not be able to return for free, you cannot use your original admission ticket. We have to have this rule because admission tickets can be passed around. You have to have a photo so we know it is the same people returning.

    AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT: If you are unsure you will use it, please get the return photo-pass just in case - it is strictly no free return without it.

    What if we lose our photo-pass ticket?  Please keep it safe, the return photo ticket is non-replaceable. We do not take any personal details, this avoids the need to work within GDPR laws and the associated costs of this, enabling us to keep it free of charge. Our staff can only access your photo using the special barcode on the ticket. If you lose it, we will have no records of your return ticket.

  • Are dogs allowed in the Model Village?

    Yes, with some restrictions - 

    Dogs are welcome throughout the gardens, indoor displays and the gift shop -  but are not allowed in the 4D Theatre or the Tearoom. 

    Our tearoom is relatively small and we do have to take into account the expectations of all of our visitors. We do have a lovely outdoor terrace with great views, but please be aware this is outside and uncovered.

    They must be kept on a short lead and you must stay with them the whole time, they cannot be left outside the tearoom or 4D cinema. 

    Please come prepared to pick up any doggy dos!

    HALLOWEEN EVENT (evenings 24th to 31st Oct) - dogs cannot go on the workshop of horrors tour, we would not recommend taking them through the maze.

    We are one of only a few attractions that allow dogs and, to ensure that we can continue to do so, please can we politely ask for your cooperation with the above requests.

  • Job Vacancies?

    At the Model Village we have a very loyal team of staff, all of whom have worked with us for many years and therefore full time/permanent job vacancies are very rare.

    Our seasonal customer service staff tend to come back year after year for several years. 

    Approximately every other year we will have a vacancy, or vacancies, for seasonal work and recruitment usually takes place some time between March to May. 

    [Specific vacancies might be posted in here]

    If you are interested in working at the Model Village and would like apply for a Job or send in a speculative application, it would be great to hear from you

    Please email - mail@model-village.co.uk - or post to: Babbacombe Model Village, Hampton Avenue, Torquay, TQ1 3LA, or drop in

    A covering letter or email - if it's speculative please specify what sort of work you are looking for and when you are available.

    A copy of your CV

    Make sure to include an email address and your phone number

    HELPFUL TIPS: If you are emailing, please ensure you put a subject title and write in the body of the email or the chances are your email will go into spam. A speculative CV without any introduction or details about your availability and job interests, and also applications with limited contact information (i.e. just an address), will generally not be taken further.


  • Do you offer prize tickets for charity events & raffles?

    Every year we get thousands of requests for complimentary and prize tickets to be handed out at local charity events, special occasions and raffles for a variety of local causes. We do our best to help as many as we can but due to the sheer volume we now get, we can only help a very limited number of the requests we receive.

    If you would like put in a request, please bear in mind the following:-

    - We can only process requests by email - mail@model-village.co.uk  or letter though the post,  we cannot help with requests over the phone.

    - It will need to be a very local event and, to allow time for processing, at least 4 weeks before the event date, to have any chance.

    - Please give some details about what the tickets will be used for and where any monies raised will be going.

    - We will need an address for where to send the tickets if your application is successful

    - Please give the date of your event.

    Once you have applied:-

    - We cannot reply to requests, or give information on the status of a request.  You will only hear from us if successful (generally within 4 weeks).

    - Entries, with the correct information as above, are picked at random once a month

    - Please bear with us if you are not successful on this occasion, due to the volume we can only help about 10% of the requests we receive

  • How long to allow - Can we make it a full day out?

    The Model Village is set in 4.5 acres and much bigger than many people anticipate. Based on customer feedback, a visit to the Model Village generally takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, though about 25% of our visitors are with us longer.

    Just to see the gardens/models you can do this in 1 to 1.5 hours if you are short on time.

    If you want the full experience - taking your time as it's easy to miss so much, taking in all the details, looking for 'Where's Wally?' characters and maybe to unclude the 4D theatre and minigolf, we advise allowing 2 to 2.5 hours. Allow a bit longer if you are including a lunch stop.

    The Model Village is set in the beautiful Babbacombe bay area. Within an easy 4 to 5 min walking distance are the Babbacombe Downs with spectacular, not-to-be-missed, views and the cliff railway to the beautiful Oddicombe beach (if it's a hot sunny day, why not spend some time on the beach and visit us!). Also Babbacombe theatre is at the other end of the downs.

    There is also the St Marychurch shopping precinct with a range of individual shops, just 3 or 4 min walk the other way. Bygones Victorian street & museum is just around the corner.  All of these attractions/sights can be accessed from the same local authority car park as the Model Village.


    On evening opening days you can visit day and evening for illuminations. Before you leave, validate your admission receipt in the gift shop to get a photo-pass that enables you to return once, for free, within 7 days (it can be later the same day or another day).

  • How accessible are the gardens and special rates?

    The Model Village is built in a steep valley. For people with any mobility difficulties, wheelchair and mobility scooter users, it is important to allow plenty of time and bear in mind there are very steep slopes (gradients up to 1-in-4, 25%) entering and leaving the gardens, and you need to be certain this is manageable for you. It is important to read on for full details, photos and prices...

    Please Click here for FULL details.

  • Any discount for Local Residents?


    On select days we offer 20% Admission discount, at the gate, for anyone permanently living at a TQ postcode.

    Available Fridays,Saturdays & Sundays. Also after 4.30pm Easter to October on Thursday evenings. Everyone in your group will get the discount, so you can bring friends and family.

    T&Cs - Proof of permanent TQ address required (i.e. utility bill or driving license). Valid against full gate prices only. You can also take up the free return within 7 days if you get a return photo-pass.  Not valid in conjunction with any discounts or vouchers. Available all year EXCEPT 21st & 22nd December 2019.

  • Who is the Model Village suitable for?

    Our visitor profile is about 55% families with children and 45% adults only.

    Children enjoy the miniature scenes, animation and fun character hunt trails. Adults also enjoy the character hunts, but the gardens and detailed models, representing English life through the last 6 decades, offering a touch of nostalgia and some very English humour, have a special appeal.

  • Will the weather affect my visit & winter opening?

    Without a doubt the village is mostly outdoors and is best seen in drier weather.

    However, if the weather is inclement we do have some indoor displays - Movie miniatures, 4D cinema, Victorian snowy village scene, our Little Enders soap scene, and a small 6 hole mini golf - all these could pass a bit of time if the weather turns showery. If it is hot and sunny and you want to enjoy the beach too, we are just a short walk from the beautiful Babbacombe Downs and cliff railway to Oddicombe beach.


    We are 90% outdoors, but it is extremely rare that we have to close, or change opening hours, due to weather. We will always do our best to keep things running, but as the real-world gets affected by extreme weather then it is fair to assume that our much more delicate miniature world will be affected too.

    During extreme wet/windy weather - set in a valley we are actually quite sheltered from most of the winds, but some of the animated featues may be affected by heavy rains.

    During extreme cold/icy/snowy weather - this is quite rare in Torquay and usually it is clear by the time we open but, because we have some steep pathways, we need to ensure paths are clear of any ice before we can open which may delay or reduce opening hours during more extreme conditions.

    If uncertain please phone us on 01803 315 315 (select option 2) or email us, or contact us via facebook, before making your journey.


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