What's NEW in 2018
The Model Village is constantly evolving, check out what's new!

Unveiled from 10th February ...

 Our amazing new fairy-tale tree carving is being unveiled from Saturday 10th February.  Carved over 5 days by Dan Cordell (pictured), it stretches 4 metres into the sky.  Created with wonderful imagination and detail, this is sure to be popular with our visitors. 


Coming Spring - A great new CITY SCENE...

Our city is being completely redesigned and rebuilt with many new models, scenes and stunning illuminations.  This is being developed throughout the winter. Much of it will be on display by Easter but the final scenes and finishing touches are expected through the spring 2018

Check back for updates


What's been added in recent years

If you haven't been for a few years, here's what has been going on...

Fairytale Tree carving - added 2018

Village Canal & Narrow Boats - added 2017

House of Magic Model - added 2017

Celebrity Mansion - added 2016

Paignton Zoo display (a whole display with several exhibits) - added 2015

Peek Inside, get-up-close house - added 2015

Alice in Wonderland themed mini golf - added 2015

West County Fishing Village (a whole scene with many models) - added 2014

Animated 'Arry - our first a talking animated miniature person - added 2014

Casstlebury Clinic Hospital - added 2014

Hot air balloons - added 2014

Big Top Circus - added 2013

Travel Lodge hotel - added  2013


Celebrity Mansion

 Our Celebrity Mansion hosts various miniature film & music events throughout the year.

Come and see who you can spot!